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24thAsia PacificNutrition Meet and Expo, will be organized around the theme “Emphasizing Latest Innovations in the Field of Nutrition”

Asian Nutrition 2020 is comprised of 16 tracks and 56 sessions designed to offer comprehensive sessions that address current issues in Asian Nutrition 2020.

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Nutrition is an important support of human life, health and development across the entire life span. Good health is important to living a productive life, meeting basic needs and contributing to community life, Nutrition leads to a Healthy life style promotion. Health and nutrition is an increasingly important preference for populations around the world. Nutrition is increasingly concerned with metabolic paths and metabolism, the sequence of biochemical steps through which substances among living organisms change from one form to another. Nutritional well-being depends upon four main factors: food, care, healthiness, and atmosphere. Food safety and nutrition is of prime importance, unhealthy intake and nutritional deficiencies are the major causes of the deaths.


  • Track 1-1Food Science of Animal Resources
  • Track 1-2Role of Food and Nutrition in Health
  • Track 1-3Nutrient Bioavailability
  • Track 1-4Health policies & implementation
  • Track 1-5Minerals: Their Functions and Sources

Sports Nutrition is the audit and routine of support and eating regimen regarding a man's athletic execution. Nutrition is a basic bit of many recreations get ready regimens, being most pervasive in quality amusements, (for instance, weight lifting and working out) and continuation sports (e.g. cycling, running, swimming, paddling). Games Nutrition bases its audits on the sort, and furthermore the measure of fluid and sustenance taken by a contender. Besides, it deals with the usage of supplements, for instance, vitamins, minerals, supplements and common substances that consolidate sugars, proteins and fat

  • Track 2-1 Exercise, Nutrition and Health
  • Track 2-2 Healthcare Nutrition for Athletes
  • Track 2-3 Nutrition, Neurotransmitters and Central Nervous System Fatigue
  • Track 2-4 Sports Specific Nutrition- Sprinting, Distance Running, Cycling, Team Sports
  • Track 2-5 Gymnastics

Clinical Nutrition is sustenance of patients in social protection. Clinical in this sense suggests the organization of patients, including outpatients at focuses, (and basically) inpatients in specialist's offices. It merges essentially the legitimate fields of support and dietetics. It plans to keep a sound essentialness alter in patients, and giving sufficient wholes distinctive supplements, for instance, protein, vitamins, minerals.


  • Track 3-1 Food & Nutritional Toxicology
  • Track 3-2 Food & Nutritional Immunology
  • Track 3-3 Nutritional Biochemistry

Lack of healthy sustenance including specific nutritious deficiencies, is both a reason and an aftereffect of disorder in adults and children. Absence of sound sustenance is ordinary yet routinely under-saw and under-treated notwithstanding its known impact on flourishing, physical limit, disorder peril and mortality. Malnourished individuals go to their GP more consistently, are admitted to center more occasionally, stay on the wards for additional, surrender to defilements and can even breeze up being admitted to whole deal care of passing on absurdly. Upgraded care may trigger favorable circumstances over the whole scope of patient care. On the off chance that it's not all that much inconvenience find underneath an extent of sickly wellbeing and dietary need resources.

  • Track 4-1 Protein-energy malnutrition
  • Track 4-2 Micronutrient deficiency diseases
  • Track 4-3 Lack of appetite or interest in food or drink.
  • Track 4-4 Longer healing time for wounds.

Pediatric nutrition is the maintenance of an appropriate well balanced diet consisting of the important nutrients and the suitable caloric consumption essential to promote development and sustain the physiologic requirements at the numerous stages of a child development it includes various topics like chronic kidney disease and developmental disabilities. Pediatric nutrition is nutrition for children from beginning up through 18 years of age. Due to lack of nutrition _ particularly during dangerous periods of growth, results in inappropriate development or illness, such as anemia from a  deficiency of iron or scurvy from deficiency of vitamin C. Nutrition plays a main role in childhood development, for good or ill. Proper nutrition helps in proper growth and development of children and allowing them to reach their full potential.


  • Track 5-1 Nutritional requirements in infants & children
  • Track 5-2 Breastfeeding and Alternatives
  • Track 5-3 Caring Practices
  • Track 5-4 Recommended Nutrient Intakes
  • Track 5-5 Essential Vitamins and Minerals
  • Track 5-6 Growth Factors during infancy
  • Track 5-7 Vitamin status in premature infants

The common nutrition criteria are not intended as a universally applicable system.  The choice of categories was motivated by the need to balance the need for simplicity and consistent treatment of similar products on the  one  hand  and,  on  the  other,  the  need  to  avoid  categories  so  broad  that  only  lax  nutrition  criteria would accommodate all types of products represented in a category. In order to ensure both robustness and fairness, it was necessary to create sub-categories within most of the nine categories.

Nutrition labelling is information found on the labels of pre-packaged foods.

The legislated information includes:

These give you information about the nutritional value of a food. You can use this information to make healthier food choices and achieve overall good health.

The Nutrition Facts table gives you information about:

  • Calories
  • 13 core nutrients
  • % Daily Value (% DV) of nutrients

All of the information in the Nutrition Facts table is based on an amount of food. This amount is always found at the top of the Nutrition Facts table.

Foodborne diseases take a major toll on health. Millions of people fall ill and many die as a result of eating unsafe food. Deeply concerned by this, WHO Member States adopted a resolution in 2000 to recognize food safety as an essential public health function.

Food safety encompasses actions aimed at ensuring that all food is as safe as possible. Food safety policies and actions need to cover the entire food chain, from production to consumption.


A dietary supplement is deliberate to supply nutrients that may or not be ingesting inadequate aggregate. Supplements as usually recognize incorporate vitamins, minerals, fiber, essential fatty acid supplementation, or amino acids, fiber supplements they may be divided as drugs or other products. Ingest dietary supplements with the most common ones being multivitamins, ingest triglycerides and probiotics. when it cannot be amalgamated in adequate quantities by an organism Dietary elements, ordinarily called "dietary minerals" are the chemical elements need by living animals, accompanying than the four elements carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen contemporary in mutual organic molecules Amino acids are biologically main organic compounds collected of amine (-NH2) and carboxylic acid (-COOH) functional groups, though with a side-chain particular to each amino acid.

  • Track 8-1Prebiotics
  • Track 8-2Herbal Supplements
  • Track 8-3Dietary supplements
  • Track 8-4Whole Food Nutritional Supplements
  • Track 8-5Oral Nutritional Supplements

Obesity is a therapeutic condition in which additional body fat has gathered to the magnitude that it might have an adverse result on health People become overweight by ingesting of additional calories, inequities between calories aperture and calories retiring, leading an  inactive life, lack of sleep, turbulences in lipid digestion and intake of prescriptions that put on obese.

  • Track 9-1 Genetic factors and dietary factors in relation to obesity
  • Track 9-2 Diet interaction and obesity
  • Track 9-3 Metabolism and Obesity
  • Track 9-4 Obesity and overweight

Medical nutrition therapy aids in prevention of diabetes. Nutritional Therapy is integral component of diabetes self-management education.  Diabetes mellitus is a collection of metabolic diseases in which there are high blood sugar levels over an extended period. Symptoms of high blood sugar include frequent urination, increased thirst, and increased hunger. Proper meal plans should be followed in order to prevent diabetes. If left untreated, diabetes can cause many complications. Diabetic counseling and prevention methodologies and Diabetic meal plan can be followed for prevention from diabetes.


  • Track 10-1 Primary Care for Diabetes
  • Track 10-2 Proteins and Diabetes
  • Track 10-3 Dietary Fats and Diabetes
  • Track 10-4 Micronutrients and Diabetes
  • Track 10-5 Diabetic Counselling and Prevention Methodologies
  • Track 10-6 Gluten-Free Diet for Diabetic
  • Track 10-7 Carbohydrate Counting and Glycemic Index

Nutrition at perfect levels is entering in the upkeep of positive prosperity. Maternal Nutrition is basic for the course and aftereffect of pregnancy. Lactation addresses a stage wherein prosperity and sustaining status of the infant tyke are dependent on the mother. Successful pregnancy and lactation require changes in maternal body creation, processing framework and limit of various physiological systems. An eating regimen that meets maternal supporting necessities is required for these change, so maternal wellbeing is protected with birth of a sound infant tyke. Tasteful sustenance reinforces the advancement of both maternal and fetal tissues. Perpetual under nutritional through pregnancy impacts birth weights of babies. Poor sustenance causes intra-uterine improvement obstacle. Specific supplements like zinc, iodine and folate are also required for development of the child. Fetal iron need exists in maternal iron deficiency whiteness. Maternal supporting status, chest depletes creation and volumes are explained in the article. Proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins and their requirements are portrayed in detail. Additional dietary necessities in the midst of lactation have been orchestrated in this article. In this way improving the support and prosperity of young women and more energetic women and of mothers in the midst of pregnancy and lactation will decide benefits similar to upgraded quality of their adolescents for the span of their lives.

  • Track 11-1 Breastfeeding and alternatives
  • Track 11-2 Caring practices
  • Track 11-3 Human Milk

Animal Nutrition oversees energizing favorable circumstances on use of dairy items, genetically balanced animal food, meats and edges moreover a portion view to farm condition. Billions of people far and wide eat up drain and dairy items reliably. Not only are deplete and dairy things a critical wellspring of sustenance for these people, they similarly present businesses open entryways for farmers, processors, retailers and distinctive accomplices in the dairy regard chain. Regardless, to finish this, buyers, industry and governments require in the current style information on how deplete and dairy things can add to human support and how dairying and dairy-industry headway can best add to growing sustenance security and alleviating desperation. The quick rising in all out usage of meat and deplete is pushed by a large number of people with rising income growing from in a general sense starch-based eating strategies into eating procedures containing creating measures of dairy and meat industry. The essential forces driving these examples are set to continue, and the potential for extended enthusiasm for trained creature’s food remains incomprehensible in immense parts of the making scene. Creating use of dairy and other tamed creature’s things is passing on basic invigorating focal points to broad segments of the quantity of occupants in making countries, but a colossal number of people in making countries are as yet not prepared to hold up under the cost of better-quality eating philosophies inferable from the higher cost.

  • Track 12-1 Foods and Dietary Supplements of babies
  • Track 12-2 Sugar substitutes during breastfeeding
  • Track 12-3 Milk allergy and lactose intolerance
  • Track 12-4 Nutrition, Health and Wellness

Plant Nutrition is basic food resources for individuals. Built chemicals and oil subordinates can supplant many plant-decided arrangements, fibers, and hues; metal, piece, and concrete can supplant wood; yet there is not a suitable trade for plant-surmised sustenance’s. Every human sustenance is plants or animals that eat plants. Saprophytic life forms contribute by and large little to the typical caloric affirmation of most by far. The essential individuals collected wild species. Exhibit day social orders rely upon high-yielding cultivars, giving them more vital control over food supplies. While sustenance lack and starvation remain threats in a couple of segments of the world.


  • Track 13-1 Genetically Modified Crops
  • Track 13-2 Dietary Fiber-Beta Glucans
  • Track 13-3 Nutritional Quality of Harvested Food
  • Track 13-4 Sustainable Farming Systems and Nutrient Dense Food
  • Track 14-1 Nutritional genomics
  • Track 14-2 Nutritional Epigenetics
  • Track 14-3 Genome Damage and Nutritional Deficiency
  • Track 14-4 Telomere and Nutritional Status
  • Track 14-5 Nutrigenetics

As per the current era, Nutritional disorders can happen just due to fewer intakes of proper food or certain nutrients or by incapacity of the body to absorb and utilize nutrients, or by overconsumption of different types of foods”. Nutritional disorders can be particularly serious in any age of an individual, since they interfere with growth and development, and may predispose to many health problems, such as infections and chronic diseases. A metabolic disorder occurs when the metabolism process fails and allows the body to have either too much or too little of the essential substances needed to stay healthy. Our bodies are very sensitive to errors in metabolic activity. The body must have amino acids and many different types of proteins to perform all of its metabolic functions. For example, the brain and other parts of the body need calcium, potassium and sodium to generate electrical impulses, and lipids (fats and oils) to maintain a healthy nervous system.

Metabolic disorders can take many forms, For instance:

  • a missing enzyme or Vitamin that is necessary for an important chemical reaction
  • abnormal chemical reactions that hinder metabolic processes
  • disease in the liver, pancreas, endocrine glands or other organs involved in metabolism nutritional deficiencies

Food toxicology is the study of the nature, effects, properties, detection and identification of toxic substances in food and their disease manifestation in humans. Food contaminants are the substances included unintentionally in Foods.  Heavy metals, radioactive elements and the packing materials used in food processing are such substances checked for the quality.